Lazy Sunday and I'm not feeling it.  I am feeling like I've painted myself into a corner on this Thing a Day thing.  But continuing is easier than stopping, so-.

Day 17

Opened the cabinet and right at eye level were two shot glasses with full color tiki motives on them.  You know, for parties.  I can count on three fingers the number of times we had "parties" at our old place, both before it got filled with my crap.  I am too ashamed to ask people to come over, because I have unreasonable expectations of what a house should look like before other people see it (thanks, Mom).  I also have the irrational idea that no-one would come to anything I'd throw, which probably isn't true.  Except that I've seen it happen to someone who threw a party in our house when we lived in Pismo before.  So perhaps I'm not being entirely irrational.  Don't need the shot glasses in this house, and probably never will.


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