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2016-05-27 07:00 pm

Thing a Day: Day Twenty-two

 Today was the day of running all the errands.  And I indulged in caffeine again.  I made an itinerary. I made lists.  I even made myself stop in the middle and have lunch.  And I did almost everything.  I even emptied a very large box of stuff that had become a table at the foot of the bed where indeterminate laundry had started piling up.  Nothing much to get rid of in there.  Random bedroom and closet stuff, including some extension cords and power strips.  There were also two messenger bags that I had formerly used as purses, one Batman one from Hot Topic and a green oriental brocade one from Cost Plus.  And they were full of little bits of trash because I'm always in such a hurry transferring from one purse to another. 

Day 22:

The purses are empty now, and I'm trying to decide if I want to keep either of them.  After yesterday's fussing of the printer stand I've been trying to distribute chargers better.  The power strip by D's side of the sofa rattled yesterday when I plugged in the charger.  No bueno.  Replaced that one, swapped around a couple more.  I'm supposed to go see Bernie Sanders in Santa Maria tomorrow, but I've been having panic attacks all day.  First, there's sure to be a very large number of people there. I'm also putting myself in someone else's control by carpooling, and the plan is to show up an hour before the actual speech, when the doors open at 10 and it's first come, first served.  I keep thinking of everything that could go wrong, and I'd feel like it'd be my own damned fault because I trusted someone else to plan my day.  Control freak much?

LIttle trash bits, a broken wooden hanger, the rattly power strip, another power strip that wouldn't allow plug prongs to fully seat in the sockets.

I don't want to play anymore.