Period foo has morphed into evidence of Yet Another Ovarian Cyst.  Hello again, stabbing pains, I sure as hell didn't miss you.  So I'm spending a lot of time moving slowly and trying to find a posture that isn't as painful as all of the ones previously tried. And I just want to curl up in a ball and ignore the world.

Day 27:

Worked today and tried to leave early, but as usual, things kept needing to be finished.  I still got to leave an hour early, but I hadn't taken a lunch break so it was a long slow slog to the end.  And I might have to work tomorrow, even though I wasn't planning to, because my cow-orker fired all of her invalid mother's caregivers.  She was trying to poach a caregiver from the agency she'd signed a contract written specifically to prevent that sort of thing, and when cow-orker was threatened with a lawsuit, she fired everyone.   So her mom's alone when she shouldn't be, and therefore she said she'd call me if she couldn't work tomorrow (and she'll probably need me to come in in the afternoon.)  I may just say no, depending on how I'm feeling. Heck, I could use the money, but I desperately need my recharge time since work is crazy over-scheduled for the next month (or two).

So I came home all tired and I think I tackled the last easy source of go-away stuff, yet another Costco bag of clothes, before I I'm going to have to start going through my makeup.  Which makes me afraid.  Anyway, once again I thought I'd have a hard time finding anything, right up until I started looking for something.  And after the first item, the rest came easily.  First was a white-ish Danskin shirt, again from a clothing exchange.  Slightly too small and looking like it'd been discolored in an unfortunate laundry incident (though this one wasn't my fault), it was a prime candidate.  Next was a pair of gloves I'd gotten from Old Navy because I needed them for a winter trip to see D's family in Colorado.  They were literally the only pair left and we were leaving the next day, so I grabbed them. They're too small and one of the gloves has a hole in it that I'm not going to fix, but I wore them anyway. They were -- adequate..  They came with a scarf and I just don't have the heart to split the set up, so it went with the gloves.  Last was a maternity support tube that also came from a clothing exchange, for reasons.  I was hoping it would work like shapewear, but I shrank out of it pretty quickly.


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