Since hurting my neck and arm, I've been in a lot of pain most of the time.  It is getting better, but so slowly.  Sleeping has been kind of tough since I normally toss and turn all night long.  Can't sleep on either side like I normally do, because I can't lie on my left side and compress the nerve running down my shoulder and through the arm.  I can't lie on the right because even with the injured side on top and not having any weight pressing down on it for the top, the weight of the arm itself compresses that nerve.  But I seemed to have learned a new trick. I've been wearing my (too-long) hair in low pigtails because it's easy and keeps my hair out of my face better than a single pony would.  And I've left them in at night several nights running, because too tired to deal with more than getting the paint off my face at bedtime.  That stuff smears on the linens, so no.  Anyway, the ponytails snugged down at the base of my skull frame my head keeping it upright through the night, so no tossing and turning, therefore less pain.  And I seemed to have learned the lesson incredibly well, because I've been falling asleep while reading, putting down my iThing on my chest, and waking up with it in the exact same position.  No fishing for it in the bedclothes, just right there where I'd let go of it the night before.  Ta-da! New trick, old dog.

I'm still getting more sore as the day goes on.  No Break Wednesday today means I'm also pretty brain fried.  My me hurts and I'm reduced to watching Animaniacs on Netflix.  Again, it's so different when I'm choosing to skip a break when I need to take a little time off (like for Physical Therapy appointments).  It's that terrible conundrum: I need to make sure I take a break, but I also have to be responsible for making sure someone is here to answer the phones during business hours.  

Day 13

So tonight's adventures in decluttering were strictly of the get-it-over-with variety.   I knew if I sat down I would not be able to do the thing, so I'd mentally started before I'd left work today.  I'd taken a light stretchy hoodie with me this morning.  It's cold and foggy here when I leave for work even if it's going to be warm later, so I need a little protection from the weather.  The hoodie had been acquired in a clothing exchange, another of those I'm so surprised that my fat ass fits in this I must bring it home with me things. The former owner is one of the most slender people I know, and when I went to her baby shower, her mother mentioned that she'd worn a pair of child's trousers from the time she was ridiculously young all the way through high school.  And this hoodie was a 3X and I was able to squeeze myself in it. Ok, baggy clothes are a thing, but WTF? Today I wore it and felt everything that was wrong with it except for it being mostly black.  It'd been shrunk. It has small holes.  It's got these tiny sliver studs all over big chunks of it. It's got "FREEDOM" screened in big pink letters down one arm and "One World" on the back with color. It's really everything I shouldn't like in a hoodie except that it fit me.  It'll find someone else who digs it.

D tackled one of the boxes of bathroom stuff that I declined to the other day, and he'd winnowed the contents down to a few bottles he wasn't sure what to do with and some -- stuff.  Two sponges from the shower in the old house, one melamine foam and nylon sponge, half worn down, and one nylon  fancy-schmancy body sponge that had been in a spa gift basket.  Trash and Go-Away Box, respectively.

And now all I want to do is eat No Sugar Added ice cream. 


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