This is a letter I emailed to EW today after reading through the current issue (the one with Hugh Jackman on the cover).

Dear Editor,

The Bullseye pictured Susan Boyle on page 112 of your Summer Movie Double issue and called her "a 47-year-old spinster." Although the mention was a somewhat positive one, it was certainly a backhanded compliment. I'm surprised that you used something as pejorative as "spinster" to describe the singer in the same issue that you write a glowing preview article about the apparently astounding "newfound bankability" of Meryl Streep, a very talented 59-year-old woman whom no one seems to think belongs in the Golden Girls bracket. Ms. Boyle's talent has nothing whatsoever to do with her chosen marital status, nor with her possession of some gray hair. Please save "spinster" for describing people who actually use spinning wheels, i.e. Rumplestiltskin.

Holly A


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