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( May. 11th, 2016 06:50 pm)
 So. Tired.  #NoBreakWednesday again.  Did not want to think about getting rid of stuff when I got home because I'm so damned tired.  Work is  a constant state of moving from one task to another, while being interrupted by answering the phone and checking patients in and out.  And my neck hurts. A lot.  Arm is still going numb and tingly on the regular.  (My brain is so fried I'm watching animated Avengers Assemble right now.)  So I got home and felt a moment of panic when I walked in the door.

Day 6

D had done some more laundry and there was another small stack of unmatched socks, among which was a single pink shoe-liner sock, and I knew exactly where its match was (having completely reorganized my socks last weekend). They're way too small for my giant feet and every time I tried to wear them they'd come off either my heels or my toes, usually opposite ones on both feet.  After I found the first thing, the rest came more easily.  I pulled a basket of clothes off my closet shelf and started rummaging through it.  There was another LB long sleeved shirt that was too big. Well, it was too wide.  Then there was the pair of too-small leggings with the blown out crotch. All I could think was "What? Why?".  And then I decided to stop for today. I know how tired I am and I didn't want to get in that "must finish everything NOW " mode that sets me up for so much agita. Not gonna do it.

Kirk out.


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