And headfirst into fandom again.

The other day I clicked on a Facebook link to a picture on tumblr of a history of the American Revolution that was nearly twitterable. First I nearly fell out of my chair laughing, but then, ... then I discovered most of this lovely genius of a person's entire tumbler was a shrine to the loveliness that is Paul McGann.
Cue the fannish giddiness and squeeing ... now. )
Today I got a chance to go through more of it and discovered links to videos I've heard about but never seen. So I've been using the youtube app on my Playstation to watch them on our BigGiantTeeVee. Today I watched "Rebound", "Sweet Revenge", and "Always Crashing in the Same Car" and was quite forcibly reminded of how freaking good an actor he is.
I think I may have to actually join tumblr just to tell this person how much joy I've gotten out of reading her blog. (For the curious, it's which I won't actually hotlink to but if you're using chrome you can probably just click on anyway, because we're living in the 21st century and all that.) It's bringing back some of the joy I got out of seeing the original movie way back when at the Cyberplex. It's brought back the feeling of the same joy I got when I first watched the new series, too, and I occasionally dip back into that well when I re-watch the 9th Doctor's episodes.
Was that all really sixteen years ago? It seems like it was yesterday but it also seems like it was another lifetime ago, and someone else's life at that. And the joy, it's so hard to hold on to. But it's like these feelings are waking up again, after going unused for a very long time.


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