Reupped on the caffeine again this morning because I was too late to bed last night.  Again.  Doing all the things at work was exhausting. I did manage to sneak out a little early so I could spend some time with D before he left for the weekend.  I'm a gamer con widow and I'm ok with that. When I got home, after some smooching with D I noticed he'd put a towel on top of the printer.  It's where we put all of our electronics to charge, but it didn't make sense to me, because the surface he'd covered up with the towel was the lid protecting the scanner bed.  So I was compelled to fuss the whole stand.  It's an Ikea rack with wire grid drawers, and in the old place we'd been using it as a mail station, with our bill organizer on top and a shredder in the bottom drawer.  We threaded a power strip through one of the other drawers and it had wires coming out all over the place.  And despite our best intentions, it quickly got covered with crap and the drawers collected other crap, so it was full of crap and not terribly useful.  Now that the printer has taken over the top and the bill organizer is elsewhere (for now), we're still using it as a charger stand but there was no good place to put the stuff that needs charging except on the top of the printer.  Enter the me-shaped fuss device this afternoon.  

It's kind of funny that I don't remember what all I took out of the top drawer.  I think it was a couple of stacks of sticky notes (liberated from work) and lots of things that should have been recycled or shredded,and things (that I didn't want to deal with). It was like an oubliette right in the living room that I'd trained myself not to see.  At that point everything had to come out of all the drawers. Even the drawer with the power strip had tangles of cords and random bits of electronics: the pair of radios I took to that last Burning Man and their charger stand and its power supply, my last Palm device and its charger, giant brick chargers from two mobile phones ago, a battery charger (with a really unnecessarily long cord) and its batteries, an iPhone jailbreak kit, and all the dust those things had acquired over time.  Also in the drawers was a bottle of scented sleep spray, a nearly empty wooden tray, a Badtz Maru stuffie dressed like Rick from Casablanca (in a trenchcoat and fedora), two sets of rubber earbud covers, a landline phone box - empty, and not just one, but two usb charger bricks still in their packaging, one of which was a still-sealed OEM Apple cube.  

Day 21:

I really only meant for today's items be the long-dead car radio transmitter for my old-school ipods.  There was also half a charger cable lying next to it in my car, and I grabbed that too.  I was going to put them in our e-waste pile and be done for the evening.  But then there was the printer stand's stuff.  Recycled all the papers, (and now that I look at the picture, I can see they included several sheets of return address labels with the old place on them).  I put the old power supplies into the go away box, neatened all of the remaining cords with ponytail holders, and put the power strip into a better position in the drawer by rethreading its cord through the wire basket on the other side.  I repurposed the top drawer and made it into the charging device holding area by putting the towel down in the bottom and threading all the cables through binder clips (my favorite household tool).  And I dusted everything off and washed the vinyl radio covers.  The Apple cube found a new home on D's side of the sofa, so he can recharge the Playstation headphones or the controller while he plays Fallout.  (On the weekends he sometimes plays all day long, which necessitates the recharging.)  I wish I'd taken a before picture, but I texted the after pics to D.  He sent back Shiba-speak:  "Such fuss, much useful, WOW."  Which of course is the best response he possibly could have sent.


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