Period foo started last night.  Another interesting feature of my cycle is that right before onset and almost all the way through, I'm super sensitive to a lot of smells.   Sometimes it's nice, like this morning outside of my office where I could smell moist earth and green growing things.  Sometimes not so nice, like the everlasting mildew smell inside the office.  Somewhere in the middle is the trace of not-terrible perfume on my hoodie from someone I hugged on Saturday. 

I spent a lot of yesterday looking at my notifications on Twitter with big ole heart eyes, because "Senpai noticed me!"  Oh, the Gaiman fan-girliness is strong in me.  Yesterday was actually the second time he'd tweeted back to me.  The first was a couple of years ago when I expressed disappointment that on Indie Bookstore Day, the one I went to had sold all their special Gaiman books by phone to one person months earlier.  I think I'd been reading some Buzzfeed UK article earlier that day about how Brits express their emotions, so I think what I said came out sounding like the British version of "I'm devastated," which garnered a kind response of "I think that sucks", also in British vernacular.  Writing, even on Twitter, is still all about knowing your audience.

Day 26:

I brought something home from the office for my thing today, a water bottle given out by an infusion company.  But as I walked in the door, D asked if he could have it because, of course, he lost his Contigo at the convention he went to (like he usually does).  So I had to go digging elsewhere.  I started pulling things (mostly shirts) out of a laundry basket, clean clothes that I hadn't really looked at for a long time because said basket had been living on top of a wire storage cubby thing and D would keep piling my clean laundry on top of it.  The long sleeved purple henley with the weird princess seams was too large and too not-stylish to keep (those seams shudder). The black turtleneck also had to go, since it was also too large, but it was pretty faded too, despite being a good brand.  I found another, better-fitting turtleneck in the same basket so it wasn't too tough to get rid of the lesser one.  Next was a pair of t-shirts, one Aquafina one that I'd evidently won from some online contest a long while ago, and a Cal Poly Mustangs baseball champions shirt. Woo baseball; don't care.  I had a bit of trouble deciding about a teal spaghetti-strap tank top. It's too big, but it's got a really pretty sequin embellishment on the front. I could totally wear it as a camisole but -- but no.  Last was a pair of pajama bottoms, my cloud pajama pants that are now too large. The top is long gone, stained from being washed in Santa Margarita well water. These were also stained and faded.   On the bright side, without having half of a pair of stained, ill-fitting cloud pajamas out of my life does mean that I can finally replace them.


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