Guess what happens when I have about two mouthfuls of caffeinated diet soda at work first thing in the morning!  I stayed up way too late last night so I started the day super tired but I did ALL THE THINGS! and then I came home and did MORE OF THE THINGS!  And even though today was super busy at work, I was complimented several times about how calm I was and how I kept everything running smoothly.  I sure as hell didn't feel calm, but I think the caffeine helped me keep going.  I almost forgot to eat lunch, but I made myself take a full break (during which I stuffed a food-bar down my face).  Stopped and got gas on the way home, then checked on the bird's nest  sitting in the mounting bracket of a satellite dish beside our building.  When we moved in I kept seeing a bird flying away from it as I'd walk past to get to my car, and two weeks ago I took a picture of the nest with four eggs in it.  Yesterday when I looked around the corner I didn't see the adult bird. Today I decided to investigate and there were tiny fluffy babies in there! I walked into the house and the first thing I said to D was "baby birds!".  I made him put shoes on and come out to look.  I love that he appreciates cute and will coo appropriately.  (Of course there was appropriate cooing today, from both of us.)

Day 19:

Yesterday I didn't want to face any more bags of clothes, but I came home and got aggro on (baa) three bags-full looking for today's thing.  There were many shirts so I got to putting the keepers away as I pulled the go-aways.  When I'd got the keeps all folded I decided that I wanted to put together the wire cubes and put them on a shelf in the closet for storing my many (so many) t-shirts.  I kind of went fractal with carefully putting the metal grids together, making sure the ones on the bottoms had the wires oriented correctly (front-to-back, not side-to-side, so the clothing would encounter less friction as I put things in and take them out).   D came in to tell me to eat dinner, but I was too much in the zone.  He brought me a food bar at my request and I kept going.  Fitting it in the closet was a challenge.  I asked D to lift it up there and in doing so he smashed the super bright CFL bulb in the fixture. (Bare bulb and no protection go smash!)   The connectors made it slightly too tall, and while I'd measured height and width, I'd failed to measure depth (again), so the shelves hung over the front edge at an alarming angle.  The bottom connectors in the back were about 3/8 inch taller than the grids so it felt like it was going to fall forward if I looked at it funny.  I grabbed the vacuum and cleaned up the floor, and then decided to vacuum the rest of the bedroom, and then the living room  and dining area, too, pulling as much stuff off the floor as I could before running the Dyson all over the place.  Went back to the bedroom and carefully pulled the wire shelving out of the closet to see if I could orient the connectors differently to make it shorter. I could feel myself running out of steam so I called D back from the living room for, as we call it, moral support (aka making sure I don't do anything stupid because of low blood sugar).  We only bickered a little on how to rebuild the shelves, and it was much easier the second time using the rubber mallet I went down to the garage for.  We got it back in with minimal wall scraping, and it doesn't look like it's going to come down on my head anytime soon.

So tonight's haul was six shirts.  First a purple Danskin top from a clothing exchange.  Slightly too small has become too small to wear, even for exercise.  Next, a men's large maroon long-sleeved polo, another item of depression clothes.  It's super soft but it fits me like a sack.  A purple and black top with a large sewn-on metal butterfly belt ornament: not really me (too princess-y) and now too small.   A black knit button-down with gold lamé pinstripes is now a little too small.  I don't really want to give this one up because the texture is pretty nice and not itchy, despite the lamé, an it looks to be vintage 80's wear.  Maybe I'll change my mind about this one later.  The rest was pretty easy, a black long sleeved off-the-shoulder Banana Republic top from a clothing exchange is too constricting around the shoulders, and a black v-neck sweater with eyelets for lacing (a Ross find) is a little too coarse and faded from washing. After taking the pictures, it was shower time and then ice-cream and journal time.  No lipstick necessary, but optional bunny face spray will be spritzed after I'm done posting.


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